Aditya L1 Mission

The Aditya-L1 is first Indian space mission designed to study the Sun.The mission was launched on 2nd September, shortly after success of Chandrayaan 3 soft landing.

Mission Objective

The spacecraft carries seven payloads to observe the photosphere, chromosphere and the outermost layers of the Sun (the corona) using electromagnetic and magnetic field detectors.

TL1 Insertion

As per ISRO’s update on ‘X’ handle, on dated 19th September 2023, the Trans-Lagrangean Point 1 Insertion (TL1I) maneuver is performed successfully

What is L1?

In Short, Lagrangian points are where all the gravitational forces acting between two objects cancel each other out and therefore can be used by spacecraft to ‘hover’.

Mission Update

ISRO Chief, S Somnath recently announced that, Aditya L1 is set to reach Langrange Point 1 (L1) by mid  - January from where it will spy on Sun.


This is India’s first crewed space mission, where ISRO is planning to launch a crew of three astronauts to an orbit of 400 km (250 miles) in space.

Gaganyaan Update

As per latest media reports, ISRO is planning to conduct first test flight of Gaganyaan mission on October 21 this year.

Upcoming space Missions by India

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