Space Expanding??

Did you know that our universe is expanding?  Galaxies are drifting away from each other, making the universe larger by the second!

Black Holes

There are likely millions of black holes in our galaxy, and we will probably never know where they are.. If you fell into a black hole, you would never escape.

Sun's Gravity

Sun's immense gravity warps time around it. Clocks on satellites run slightly faster than those on Earth.  It's like time travel, but on a small scale!

Water on Mars?

Mars isn't just a dry desert! Recent discoveries show that liquid water still flows beneath its surface. Could this mean life once existed or might still exist on the Red Planet?

Astronauts Grow Taller in Space

In microgravity, the spine of astronauts stretches, adding a few inches to their height. Unfortunately, they return to their normal height upon returning to Earth.

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