Mission Psyche

NASA launched it's 'Mission Psyche' on 13th October via SpeceX Falcon Rocket from Kennedy space center in Florida

What is 16 Psyche?

16 Psyche is an asteroid currently orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter.  As per NASA, it is three times farther from the Sun compared to Earth.

Metallic World

Most interesting fact about this asteroid is that, it is made up of Gold, Silver and Nickel deposits, worth more than Earth's economy put together Approx. $10 quintillion!!

Size of 16 Psyche

It is one of the biggest asteroid in our solar system, 279 km across at its widest point.  Do you know largest asteroid Bennu?? Click on the link below to know more:

Mission Timeline

Spacecraft will enter 16 Psyche asteroid's orbit in 2029 and spend two years mapping asteroid's topography.

Metal World

Through this mission scientist will get to know how metal core asteroids and planets are formed. They also hope to explore building block of the planets formation i.e. Iron Core.

Interested in Space Technology?

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