World’s Most Dangerous Animals

Lets see most dangerous animals in the world, based on 'Which animal kills the most humans per year'

Mosquitoes - kills 725,000 per year

Surprise!! Mosquitoes are at number 1. Mosquitoes are the world's most deadly animal in the world, killing 725,000 humans per year through spreading diseases such as malaria.

Snakes - kills 138,000 humans per year

Dangerous snakes can be found all over the world and can kill humans in various different and brutal ways.

Dogs (rabies) - kills 59,000 per year

Man’s best friend can be man’s worst enemy when it comes to rabies.

Scorpions - kills 3,300 humans per year

These ancient and aggressive creepy crawlies sting with their tail and inject venom into their prey. One of the most dangerous is the deathstalker.

Crocodiles - kills 1,000 humans per year

Crocodiles are aggressive and tremendously territorial and will attack anything that enters their habitat.

Elephants - kills 600 humans per year

The mighty elephant is one of the world’s most dangerous animals thanks to its sheer size and can attack humans in various ways.

Hippos - kills 500 humans a year

Hippos use those long (up to half a metre) sharp canines for fighting and just one bite from the creature can cut a human body in half.

Lions - kills 200 humans per year

Typically attacking in the night using sharp claws to inflict deep wounds and with a bite that can crack bones and your skull, the lion is a fearsome beast.

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