Ideal Sleep Time?

The ideal sleeping time is between seven and nine hours. Of course, shifts in hormone production during various points can create significant sleeping problems for women and people assigned female at birth.

How to fall asleep on time? 

Determine your desired wake-up time. Count backwards to calculate the required hours of sleep and schedule your meal times and other activities accordingly. 

Have Trouble Sleeping?

Devise a soothing bedtime ritual, like taking a warm bath, reading a book, or practising relaxation techniques.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine and food at least three hours before you intend to settle in.

Avoid Alcohol

Assess whether your mattress and bedding contribute positively to your sleep routine. Avoid visual stressors like a phone and laptop near your sleeping area. 

Avoid Visual Stressors

Lastly, cut down on brain-stimulating activities before bedtime to help reinforce the association between sleep and rest.

Brain-stimulating Activities 

Prolonged feelings of stress can lead to a sustained state of heightened arousal in the nervous system, adversely affecting both physical and mental health over time.

Anxiety Can Ruin Sleep

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