Amrit Bharat Express Train Fare: Exploring the Pricing Structure and Special Features!

Amrit Bharat Express Train Fare

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Amrit Bharat Express Train Fare: Amrit Bharat Express, a new addition to India’s railway fleet, is making headlines not only for its advanced features but also for its fare structure. As the first train is set to be flagged off by Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Ayodhya on December 30, passengers are curious about the pricing and amenities offered. In this article, we delve into the details of Amrit Bharat Express trains fare and the distinctive features that set them apart.

Amrit Bharat Express Train Fare

Railway officials have noted that when comparing the fares of Amrit Bharat Express for second-class and sleeper-class compartments with those of other existing mail or express trains, there is a noticeable difference. The fare for Amrit Bharat is reportedly 15 to 17 percent higher in these classes.

For journeys falling within the distance range of one to 50 km, the minimum ticket price for Amrit Bharat Express is Rs 35, excluding reservation fees and additional charges. This is in contrast to other mail or express trains, where the minimum second-class journey ticket price is Rs 30 for the same distance range. This difference implies that Amrit Bharat’s fare is approximately 17 percent higher.

Fare Table and Structure

To provide transparency to passengers, the Railway Board has issued a circular outlining the fare structure for Amrit Bharat Express trains. A detailed “Fare Table” has been attached, delineating distance slabs and ticket prices for second-class and sleeper-class passengers. However, as the initial train launch will feature only second-class and sleeper-class compartments, the fare table for air-conditioned classes is still pending.

Concessions and Special Considerations

The circular emphasizes that concessional tickets and tickets against free complimentary passes will not be applicable for Amrit Bharat Express trains. This means that passengers cannot avail concessional rates for various categories. However, the eligibility of privileges like Privilege Pass, PTOs (Privilege Ticket Order), Duty Pass, etc., for railway employees will be consistent with those in mail/express trains.

Interestingly, booking tickets against passes issued to Members of Parliament, Rail Travel Coupons (TRCs) for MLAs/MLCs, and freedom fighters is permissible as they are fully reimbursed.

CRIS Software Update

Recognizing the need for a seamless booking experience, the Railway Board has requested the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) to make necessary updates to the software. This ensures that Amrit Bharat trains and their corresponding fares are accurately reflected in the booking system.

Special Features of Amrit Bharat Trains

Apart from fare considerations, Amrit Bharat Express trains boast several special features. These include horizontal sliding windows, a semi-permanent coupler between coaches, dust-sealed wider gangways, an aerosol-based fire suppression system in toilets and electrical cubicles, an emergency disaster management light, floor guide fluorescent strips, and a bench-type design for LWS coaches. The segregation of reserved and unreserved coaches with sliding doors further enhances passenger convenience.


As Amrit Bharat Express prepares to embark on its maiden journey, passengers can expect not only a comfortable and technologically advanced ride but also a fare structure that reflects the enhanced features and services provided. The railway ministry’s commitment to transparency and efficiency is evident in the detailed fare table and considerations outlined in the circular. Travelers are encouraged to stay informed about the fare structure and amenities offered on this new express train.

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