Path to Paris Olympics 2024: Indian Women Hockey Team’s Do-or-Die Qualification Quest!

Indian Women Hockey Team: The Rollercoaster Journey

Indian Women Hockey Team: As the Indian women’s hockey team prepares for a crucial encounter in the Olympic qualifying tournament, their journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. From a disheartening defeat against the US on the opening day to a spectacular resurgence with a victory over New Zealand, the team now stands at the threshold of qualification for the Paris Olympics.

Do Or Die Match For India: Uncertainties and Scenarios

Indian Women Hockey Team: Ahead of their do-or-die match in Ranchi, the team is faced with uncertainties reminiscent of their male counterparts. The outcome of their qualification bid hinges not only on their performance but also on the results of the preceding match between the USA and New Zealand. The scenarios that unfold will determine the fate of the Indian women’s hockey team in their pursuit of Olympic qualification.

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The Scenarios Unveiled: Simple yet Complex

From India’s perspective, the scenarios are relatively straightforward. If New Zealand, with 3 points and a goal difference of 1, fails to secure a victory against the USA, then India, with 3 points and a goal difference of 1, must simply triumph over Italy. However, if New Zealand emerges victorious, the challenge intensifies, and India may need not only a win against Italy but potentially a substantial goal margin to secure qualification.

Indian Women Hockey: A Tricky Encounter with Italy

Indian Women Hockey Team: The upcoming clash against Italy poses challenges for the Indian team. Italy, described by coach Janneke Schopman as ‘Argentinian spirited,’ is known for its physicality and robust defensive structure. The encounter will test India’s strength and resilience in a high-stakes, do-or-die situation where careers are on the line.


The key to success against Italy lies in patience and decision-making, elements that were inconsistent between India’s two performances over the weekend. Nervousness and restlessness characterized their game against the US, resulting in collisions and poor decision-making. However, a transformation occurred in the match against New Zealand, with Tete’s dynamic play and a near-flawless display from the defense and midfield.

Coach’s Insight and Key Focus Areas

Coach Schopman highlighted two crucial areas that will determine the outcome: penalty corner conversion and the positioning of attackers inside the ‘D.’ India’s penalty corner conversion rate has been a concern, with only one conversion out of 12 opportunities in the two matches. The designated drag-flicker, Deepika, has yet to find her form in this aspect. Field goal creation, led by players like Salima Tete, will be pivotal, with Tete’s standout performance against New Zealand showcasing her instrumental role in the team’s success.

Learning from Mistakes: Overcoming Frustration

India’s ability to stick to the game plan, maintain discipline, and exhibit patience during moments of frustration will be critical. The team must avoid the bad habit of deviating from the plan when faced with challenging opponents, a tendency observed in both the men’s and women’s sides.

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How India Women Hockey Team Will Qualify For Paris Olympics 2024?

If New Zealand (3 points, goal difference 1) lose or draw against the USA (6 points, goal difference 3), then India (3 points, goal difference 1) will simply have to defeat Italy (0 points, goal difference -5). In that case, the USA and India will qualify for the semifinals.

If New Zealand beat the US, India will not only have to beat Italy but they might have to do it with a handsome margin as the goal difference will come into play given that three teams – New Zealand, the USA and India – will all be level on six points.

Conclusion: A Crucial Moment in the Olympic Quest

As the Indian women’s hockey team stands at the crossroads of Olympic qualification, the do-or-die clash against Italy becomes a defining moment. The players must draw on their newfound resilience, showcase disciplined play, and capitalize on scoring opportunities. The scenarios may be complex, but the team’s determination and skill will play a decisive role in shaping their path to the Paris Olympics. The fans await the outcome with bated breath, hoping for a triumphant chapter in Indian women’s hockey history.

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