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MBMC Achieves Milestone as the First Paperless Civic Body in Maharashtra

Mira Bhayandar News: In a groundbreaking move towards modernization, Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation (MBMC) has earned the distinction of being the first civic body in the state of Maharashtra to transition to a fully paperless system. This momentous achievement comes as the National Informatics Centre (NIC), operating under the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, granted MBMC a certification for its comprehensive e-office system.

Under the leadership of the recently appointed municipal commissioner-cum-administrator, Sanjay Katkar, the initiative to transform into a paperless administration took flight on August 15. The pilot project commenced with the garden department, which successfully transitioned to a paperless operation. Following suit, other departments embraced this digital transformation, and by October 16, the entire MBMC operation seamlessly transitioned to the e-office system.

A noteworthy aspect of this transition is the internal competition that has emerged among various departments, such as property tax, water tax, town planning, solid waste management, and licensing. These departments are now vying for a coveted ‘good governance’ ranking, fostering an environment of efficiency and accountability.

Approximately 250 employees ranging from class I to class III have been carefully selected for specialized training in the digitalization process. This training, facilitated by NIC in batches, is not merely technical but also involves a shift in mindset, encouraging staff to adapt to and embrace new technologies. The advantages of going paperless are not only confined to the workplace; civic officials anticipate enhanced accessibility, enabling them to access files and documents securely from anywhere, even via their mobile phones.

The Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation, with a 21-year legacy, has been at the forefront of digital governance. Prior to the paperless transition, the municipality had already been providing online services, including property tax and water tax payments, commencement of construction and occupation certificates, online complaint submissions, and e-tenders. Although the term of the municipality concluded in August 2022, elections are on the horizon.

This pioneering move aligns with the state’s directive issued in December of the previous year, mandating all government departments to go paperless by April. The overarching goal is to improve the quality of services provided to the public. As Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation leads the way, its journey towards a paperless administration sets a benchmark for other civic bodies in Maharashtra and serves as a testament to the transformative power of embracing digital technologies.

Mira Bhayandar News: MBMC Issues Part Occupancy Certificate to Court Building After a Decade

Mira Bhayandar News: After a prolonged wait spanning more than a decade, the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) has expedited the documentation process for the completed court building in Mira Road. Following a recent inspection by Shiv Sena legislator Pratap Sarnaik and members of the legal fraternity, the town planning department of MBMC has issued a part occupancy certificate (OC) to the three-storeyed judicial complex.

This significant development comes years after the state government approved the establishment of a court in Mira Road, marking the beginning of a lengthy documentation journey. The issuance of the part OC was facilitated after the tree authority and the fire department provided their respective no objections certificates (NOC), following compliance by the state public works department (PWD), responsible for constructing the court complex.

In 2013, responding to persistent pleas from Sarnaik and the lawyers’ association, government authorities granted approval for the court of the First-Class Judicial Magistrate and Civil Judge (Junior Division) on a designated plot measuring approximately 4,200 square meters in the Hatkesh area of Mira Road.

However, despite the green light from authorities, it took seven years for the structure’s completion and an additional three years for the finishing touches, encompassing interiors, furniture, fixtures, and other residual works. The extended timeline, despite repeated efforts and follow-ups, highlights the challenges faced during the construction process.

The issuance of the part OC is a pivotal step forward, signifying the near-completion of the court complex. Yet, the fate of residential quarters for judges remains uncertain, adding a layer of complexity to the overall project. The recent progress is a testament to the perseverance of local representatives and legal stakeholders, and the MBMC’s commitment to bringing this long-awaited judicial facility to fruition. As the court building inches closer to full functionality, it marks a significant achievement for the Mira Bhayandar region, showcasing the positive impact of collaborative efforts in overcoming bureaucratic hurdles and achieving developmental milestones.

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