Uttar Pradesh Aadhaar Update Process Modified: A Passport-Like Approach Now!

Uttar Pradesh Aadhaar Update Process Modified

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Uttar Pradesh Aadhaar New Verification Process: A Passport-Like Approach

Uttar Pradesh Aadhaar Update Process Modified: In a significant development, the Uttar Pradesh state government is set to take charge of the Aadhaar verification process, replacing the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Lt Col Prashant Kumar Singh, the deputy director-general of UIDAI, Lucknow region, announced that the state authority would now handle demographic verification, and this process would mirror the steps involved in obtaining a passport.

Centralized Enrollment Locations: Where to Get Aadhaar

Under the revamped system, Aadhaar enrollment will be centralized to specific locations, including the main post office, sub post office, and Aadhaar Seva Centre in each district. After enrollment at these designated centers, demographic information will be sent to state authorities through the service plus portal for verification.

Uttar Pradesh Aadhaar Update Process Modified: What to Expect

Uttar Pradesh Aadhaar Update Process Modified:Deputy Director General Singh outlined the subsequent steps, explaining that the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) would oversee the physical verification of all submitted documents. Personnel such as tehsildar, naib tehsildar, kanungo, and lekhpal will be involved in this process. Once the verification is completed, it will take a maximum of 180 days to generate Aadhaar. Importantly, state authorities retain the right to reject applications if documents are found to be forged, false, or misleading.

Implications for Out-of-State Residents: A Return Home for Verification

Residents of Uttar Pradesh who are above 18 years of age and obtaining Aadhaar for the first time may need to return to their home state for verification if they reside in other states, union territories, or foreign countries. These guidelines aim to ensure a standardized verification process for all applicants.

Lack of Official Communication: Clarifications Awaited

While the UIDAI has communicated these procedural changes, officials from the Lucknow administration claimed that they had not yet received an official letter outlining the new rules. This communication gap emphasizes the importance of ensuring a smooth transition and clear dissemination of information to all concerned parties.

Historical Perspective: UIDAI’s Role Since 2010

Since the inception of Aadhaar enrollment in 2010, the UIDAI had been responsible for verifying demographic details for individuals seeking Aadhaar cards. With this recent shift, the state government is taking a more hands-on approach to streamline the verification process and enhance efficiency.

Enrollment Statistics: A Glimpse into Aadhaar Uptake in UP

As of Tuesday, a total of 23.56 crore residents of Uttar Pradesh have enrolled for Aadhaar, with an average of 13,226 individuals above 18 years enrolling each month. Currently, there are 1,237 Aadhaar enrollment centers in the state, reflecting the widespread adoption of Aadhaar among the population.

In Conclusion

The move to shift Aadhaar verification responsibilities to the Uttar Pradesh state government marks a notable change in the process. By centralizing enrollment locations and implementing a streamlined verification process, the aim is to enhance efficiency and ensure the integrity of Aadhaar data. As the new system takes effect, clear communication and coordination between relevant authorities will be crucial to minimize any potential disruptions and facilitate a seamless experience for applicants.

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