Mumbai Suburban Locan Train News: Western Railway Jumbo Block on 29 December to Impact Mumbai Local Train Services!

Western Railway Jumbo Block on 29 December

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Western Railway  Jumbo Block on 29 December: Western Railway is set to implement a significant disruption in Mumbai local train services by conducting a jumbo block of three hours on the night of Friday and Saturday this week. This planned interruption, aimed at carrying out essential maintenance work on tracks, signaling systems, and overhead equipment, will occur between Vasai Road and Vaitarna railway stations. The official announcement assures commuters that there will be no day block on Sunday, December 31.

Western Railway Jumbo Block on 29 December: 3 Hour Night Block

In an official statement released by Sumit Thakur, Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway, detailed information regarding the jumbo block has been provided. The up fast line block is scheduled from 23:50 hrs to 02:50 hrs, while the down fast line block will take place from 01:35 hrs to 04:35 hrs. Commuters are advised to take note of the altered schedule during this period.

Delayed Trains During Night Block on 29 December

During the jumbo block, Train No. 19101 Virar-Bharuch MEMU will experience a delay of 15 minutes, departing from Virar at 04:50 hrs instead of the usual 04:35 hrs. For additional information, concerned Station Master offices are accessible for detailed guidance.

It is noteworthy that the Western Railway is taking proactive measures to ensure minimal disruption to its suburban section on Sunday, December 31, 2023. The jumbo block is strategically planned to maximize efficiency and reduce inconvenience to daily commuters.

Western Railway New Year Special Local Trains

In a related development, the Western Railway’s Mumbai division has announced special local train services on New Year’s Eve. Aimed at accommodating the expected surge in passenger traffic during the festive occasion, eight special local trains will be operational during the night of December 31, 2023, and the early hours of January 1, 2024. These services include four trains from Churchgate to Virar and four from Virar to Churchgate.

The Western Railway has also released the timetable for these special Mumbai local trains, providing commuters with precise information. The down Mumbai local trains from Churchgate to Virar will commence at 1:15 am, while the up suburban services from Virar to Churchgate will start from 12:15 am.

Special Local Trains From Churchgate to Virar on New Year Evening

Special Local Trains From Virar to Churchgate on New Year Evening

As the Western Railway proactively addresses maintenance requirements through the jumbo block and accommodates the increased demand during New Year’s Eve with special local trains, commuters are encouraged to plan their travel accordingly. Stay informed through official channels and station master offices for any updates or changes to the schedule during this period.

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