Andheri Gokhale Bridge Reconstruction: Anticipated Opening in Early 2024!

Andheri Gokhale Bridge Reconstruction

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Andheri Gokhale Bridge reconstruction

Andheri Gokhale Bridge Reconstruction: Mumbai, the bustling metropolis often referred to as the ‘city that never sleeps,’ is set to witness a significant development with the reconstruction of the Gopal Krishna Gokhale Bridge in Andheri. This ambitious project has achieved a crucial milestone, paving the way for the reopening of a key east-west link in the western suburban area. Let’s delve into the details of the Andheri Gokhale Bridge reconstruction and the expected date for its public opening.

Breakthrough Achievement: Installation of First Girder

The Gokhale Bridge reconstruction project marked a breakthrough with the successful installation of the first girder, weighing approximately 1200 MT, between the night of December 2 and 3. This achievement sets the stage for reopening one lane on the bridge by February 15, 2024. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) spearheads this significant development in public transport infrastructure.

Gokhale Bridge Opening Date and Operational Status

The Gopal Krishna Gokhale Bridge is poised to open for the public in early 2024. The first girder, a critical component of the reconstruction, was launched on the night between Saturday and Sunday. The bridge will partially open on February 15, 2024, with full operational status expected by May 2024. This timeline ensures a phased approach to the reopening, allowing for meticulous execution and necessary adjustments.

Trial Run and Launch Process

A crucial aspect of the reconstruction involved a trial run for the Open Web Girder (OWG) launch, conducted on December 1, 2023. During this trial run, the girder was carefully moved four meters towards the railway tracks, setting the groundwork for the final launch between December 2-3. The entire steel structure smoothly slid towards the tracks and aligned on the erected piers, showcasing the precision and planning involved in the reconstruction process.

Future Tasks and Operations

Deputy Commissioner (Infrastructure) Ulhas Mahale outlined upcoming tasks, including shifting the girder 14 meters northward and lowering it by 7.5 meters. To facilitate these operations, the Western Railways has approved a traffic block for 11 days during the night, allowing for the necessary adjustments and enhancements.

Western Railway 11 days Mega Block

According to a civic official, “The Western Railway has approved a traffic block of 11 days for four hours during the night. And throughout this period, the girder will be brought down, on an average of 550 millimeters in three hours, every night.”

Phased Dismantling and Project Impact

The Gopal Krishna Gokhale Bridge underwent a phased dismantling process between December 2022 and March 2023. While the installation of the first girder impacted a few long-distance trains, the local community eagerly awaits the reopening of this vital east-west connector in Andheri. The bridge has been closed since November 3, 2022, with the Western Railways initiating the demolition in December 2022 and completing the four-month-long process in March 2023.


The Gokhale Bridge reconstruction in Andheri represents a transformative development in Mumbai’s infrastructure. The successful installation of the first girder and the phased reopening plan underscore the meticulous planning and execution involved in this ambitious project. As Mumbai looks forward to the enhanced connectivity provided by the Gopal Krishna Gokhale Bridge, the city anticipates the positive impact on daily commutes and the overall urban landscape. Stay tuned for further updates as the bridge approaches its reopening in early 2024, bringing relief and convenience to Mumbaikars.

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