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Introduction to MahaRERA

In the dynamic landscape of the real estate industry, the Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) stands as a pivotal governing and regulatory body, ensuring transparency and fairness in real estate transactions within the state of Maharashtra. Commonly referred to as RERA Maharashtra, MahaRERA plays a crucial role in overseeing the buying and selling of real estate properties, safeguarding the interests of both buyers and real estate developers.

MahaRERA’s Mandate and Impact on Real Estate Transactions

Enacted under the Maharashtra Real Estate (Regulation and Development) (Registration of real estate projects, Registration of real estate agents, rates of interest, and disclosures on the website) Rules, 2017, MahaRERA has a multifaceted mandate:

  1. Registration of Projects and Agents: MahaRERA mandates the registration of real estate projects and agents, creating a structured framework for transactions.
  2. Transparency in Transactions: One of its primary objectives is to usher in transparency in the sale of flats, plots, and buildings, providing a clear and accountable process for buyers.
  3. Protection for All Parties: MahaRERA acts as a protective shield for customers, allottees, real estate agents, and promoters involved in real estate transactions, ensuring a fair and secure environment.
  4. Dispute Resolution: The authority facilitates dispute resolution through a dedicated method, aiming for swift and just settlements.
  5. Appellate Tribunal: In case of disputes, MahaRERA has created an appellate tribunal where buyers can seek resolution, further emphasizing its commitment to fair dealings.
  6. Recommendations to Authorities: MahaRERA goes beyond its immediate responsibilities by providing recommendations to government authorities regarding the development and promotion of real estate.

RERA ACT in Maharashtra (MahaRERA): An Overview

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, was introduced to establish a level playing field for real estate developers nationwide. MahaRERA, operating within the ambit of this national framework, is a proactive board in Maharashtra. As one of the early adopters of RERA, Maharashtra aims to instill transparency in the real estate sector, setting an example for other states to follow.

MahaRERA: Vision and Functions

MahaRERA’s vision is explicitly outlined on its website and in its charter, focusing on key aspects:

  1. Transparency: Bringing transparency to the sale of apartments, buildings, and plots in the state.
  2. Interest Protection: Safeguarding the interests of real estate buyers and promoting fair transactions.
  3. Dispute Resolution: Initiating faster settlement of disputes related to real estate properties.
  4. Government Recommendations: Offering recommendations to government authorities for the development and promotion of real estate.

In addition to its vision, MahaRERA functions as a supervisory body, ensuring compliance with regulations, maintaining records of real estate projects, and fostering growth in the real estate sector.

MahaRERA Rules and Regulations

To prevent malpractices in the real estate business, MahaRERA has implemented strict rules and regulations. Some crucial regulations include:

  1. Mandatory Registration: Every commercial and residential project must be registered with MahaRERA.
  2. Quarterly Reporting: Property developers are required to submit quarterly reports on ongoing projects on the MahaRERA website.

MahaRERA Services

Beyond being a regulatory body, MahaRERA serves various functions:

  1. Promoter Interest: Advocating for the interests of real estate promoters.
  2. Single-Window System: Providing a single-window system for RERA approval checks and clearances.

MahaRERA Registration Process

For those navigating the MahaRERA registration process, here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the MahaRERA website: [Link]
  2. Select the “New Registration” link under the login button.
  3. Choose your user type: Promoter, Real Estate Agent, or Complainant.
  4. Enter the required information and verify your email ID.
  5. Submit the necessary documents based on your selection.

Checking the Status of MahaRERA-Registered Projects

To ensure transparency and avoid property fraud, potential buyers can check the status of MahaRERA registered projects:

  1. Visit the MahaRERA website: [Link]
  2. Click on “Registration” on the top tab.
  3. Select “Registered Projects.”
  4. Enter the project’s name, the promoter’s name, and click on ‘Search’.
  5. View project details, including locality, project type, and possession date.

mahaRERA Project Details and Approvals

Buyers can delve deeper into project details and approvals through the RERA website:

  1. Visit the project summary report.
  2. Enter project name and other details.
  3. Click on “View Details.”
  4. Explore uploaded documents, including legal title reports, commencement certificates, and layout approvals.

It is crucial for buyers to scrutinize the RERA registration of a project and other available details before making any property investments.

Eligibility Criteria for MahaRERA Registration

As per MahaRERA rules, a property must fulfill specific requirements for registration:

  1. All real estate projects must undergo RERA registration before selling or advertising.
  2. The land should exceed five hundred square meters, and projects falling below this threshold are exempt from RERA registration.


In conclusion, MahaRERA stands as a beacon of transparency and fairness in the real estate sector of Maharashtra. Its comprehensive framework, encompassing registration, regulations, and dispute resolution, ensures that both buyers and developers engage in transactions with confidence. By implementing stringent rules and offering accessible services, MahaRERA is instrumental in fostering a healthy, transparent, and efficient real estate sector in Maharashtra. As a buyer or a real estate professional, understanding and adhering to MahaRERA guidelines is paramount for a secure and transparent real estate experience in the state.

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