Andheri Water Pipeline Repair: BMC Completes Over 50 Hours of Relentless Work!

Andheri Water Pipeline Repair

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Andheri Water Pipeline Repair

Andheri Water Pipeline Repair: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has successfully completed the repair of a crucial 1800mm water main pipe at the Veravli Service Reservoir in Mumbai’s Andheri area. The repair, undertaken after over 50 hours of continuous work, aimed to address a significant leak near SEEPZ that had been affecting water supply to some western suburbs. This accomplishment is a testament to the relentless efforts of the civic agency to restore normalcy to the water distribution system.

Repair Completion Announcement

In a social media post, the BMC announced the successful completion of the repair work, overcoming both ground and technical challenges during the 50-hour marathon. The repaired 1800mm water main at Veravli Service Reservoir in Andheri is now ready to receive water flow, leading to the replenishment of service reservoirs.

BMC Andheri Water Pipe Line Work Final

Phased Water Supply Restoration

The BMC expressed gratitude for the patience and cooperation of the citizens during this challenging period. The focus is now on a phased water supply restoration plan for all affected areas. The municipal administration is working diligently to ensure the seamless flow of water back into the distribution network.

Final Stages of Repair

Earlier updates from the BMC on X (formerly Twitter) indicated that the repair work on the 1800mm pipeline was entering its final phase. The remaining stages involved the placement of nuts and bolts, the gradual release of water into the main pipeline, and the subsequent replenishment of the service reservoir. The BMC assured citizens that normal water supply would be restored by the evening after the completion of these final stages.

BMC Andheri Water Pipe Line Work

Andheri Gokhale Bridge Reconstruction Update


In addition to the water pipeline repair, Mumbai is set to witness another significant development – the reconstruction of the Gopal Krishna Gokhale Bridge in Andheri. This ambitious project, spearheaded by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), has achieved a crucial milestone with the successful installation of the first girder, weighing approximately 1200 MT, between December 2 and 3.

Timeline and Operational Phases

The Gopal Krishna Gokhale Bridge is a vital east-west link in the western suburban area, and its reconstruction is set to enhance public transport infrastructure. The first girder installation marks the beginning of a phased reopening plan. One lane on the bridge is expected to be open by February 15, 2024, with full operational status anticipated by May 2024.

Operational Challenges and Adjustments

Deputy Commissioner (Infrastructure) Ulhas Mahale outlined the tasks ahead, including the shift of the girder 14 meters northward and its lowering by 7.5 meters. To facilitate these operations, the Western Railways has approved a traffic block for 11 days during the night. This block will allow for necessary adjustments and enhancements to ensure the safety and efficiency of the reconstructed bridge.

Western Railway’s Mega Block

A civic official highlighted, “The Western Railway has approved a traffic block of 11 days for four hours during the night. Throughout this period, the girder will be brought down, averaging 550 millimeters in three hours every night.”


The completion of the Andheri water pipeline repair after more than 50 hours of continuous effort by the BMC is a commendable achievement. This ensures the uninterrupted supply of water to the affected areas. Simultaneously, the progress in the reconstruction of the Gopal Krishna Gokhale Bridge signifies a significant step toward enhancing Mumbai’s east-west connectivity. The phased approach to the reopening of the bridge reflects meticulous planning and execution by the civic authorities, promising a smoother and safer transport infrastructure for the bustling metropolis.

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