Mumbai local News: Dadar Railway Station Platform number changed from 9 December 2023, Read details here..

Dadar Railway Station Platform number changed

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Dadar Railway Station Platform number changed for Clarity and Efficiency

Dadar Railway Station Platform number changed: Starting December 9, 2023, commuters traversing Dadar Station on the Central Railway (CR) line will notice a significant transformation in platform numbering. This strategic decision, endorsed by both Western and Central Railways, aims to eliminate confusion arising from identical platform numbers, ensuring a smoother travel experience for the thousands relying on this bustling junction.

Dadar Station: A Crucial Transit Hub

Dadar station, a vital junction facilitating the operation of nearly 1,050 Western Railway trains and around 900 Central Railway trains daily, currently boasts 14 platforms—seven under Western Railway and seven under Central Railway. In an effort to streamline operations and enhance clarity, the existing platform numbers 1 to 7 on the Central Railway side will be renumbered as 8 to 14, while Western Railway platforms will retain their current numbering.

Streamlining Operations for Commuter Clarity

Central Railway, in a statement, emphasized that this change is aimed at providing clarity for commuters. All preparatory work, including alterations to platform indicators, is scheduled for completion by midnight on December 8, with the new platform numbering system taking effect from December 9. This initiative aligns with the collaborative efforts of Western and Central Railways to optimize functionality and address commuter concerns at one of Mumbai’s busiest railway stations.

Enhancing Commuter Experience and Operational Efficiency

The renumbering initiative is poised to enhance the overall commuter experience and operational efficiency at Dadar Station. With substantial daily footfall on both Western and Central Railway sections, this step reflects a commitment to addressing commuter concerns and optimizing one of Mumbai’s busiest railway stations.

Advisory for Commuters

Commuters are advised to take note of the renumbering and anticipate a smoother travel experience as Dadar Station adapts to the new platform configuration. This proactive measure aligns with the collaborative spirit between Western and Central Railways to improve the functionality of this crucial transit hub.

Updated Platform Numbering Details at Dadar/CR

Dadar Railway Station Platform number changed for Central Railway: For clarity, here are the updated platform numbers at Dadar/Central Railway

  • Earlier Platform No. 1 is now designated PF No. 8.
  • Earlier Platform No. 2 is permanently closed, intended for PF No. 1 width widening.
  • Earlier Platform No. 3 is now assigned PF No. 9.
  • Earlier Platform No. 4 is now identified as PF No. 10.
  • Earlier Platform No. 5 is now recognized as PF No. 11.
  • Earlier Platform No. 6 is now allocated as PF No. 12.
  • Earlier Platform No. 7 is now designated as PF No. 13.
  • Earlier Platform No. 8 is now referred to as PF No. 14. Press Release

This comprehensive renumbering ensures a seamless transition for commuters while contributing to the efficiency and functionality of Dadar Station.

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