Revolutionizing Mumbai’s Commute: A Comprehensive Look at Mumbai Metro Line 3!

Mumbai Metro Aqua Line 3

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Mumbai’s Metro Expansion: A Bird’s Eye View

Mumbai, a city perpetually on the move, is witnessing a transformative surge in its metro infrastructure. A staggering plan of over 330 km across 14 metro lines is in the pipeline, with 46 km already operational across three lines. Spearheaded by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) and the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (MMRCL), this ambitious project is reshaping the city’s connectivity.

Metro Marvels Under Construction

With more than 150 km across nine lines under construction, Mumbai’s metro network is set to redefine urban transportation. The MMRCL, focusing on underground lines, has two operational lines and two more in the pipeline. Beyond the city limits, Navi Mumbai is also set to embrace metro connectivity, with four lines under the auspices of the City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO), soon to transition to the Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (Maha Metro).

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While several lines extend into the burgeoning suburbs of north, north-east Mumbai, and Navi Mumbai, a pivotal focus is also on enhancing capacity in south and central Mumbai. This strategic move complements the existing suburban railway corridors, addressing the perennial issue of ‘crush-load.’

Mumbai Metro Route Map

Mumbai Metro Route Map

Mumbai Metro Aqua Line 3: A Glimpse into the Future

Among the transformative projects, Mumbai Metro Line 3 stands out—the Aqua Line, connecting Colaba and Aarey, colloquially known as the Colaba-Bandra-SEEPZ line. This underground marvel, spanning 33.5 km with 27 stations, is a testament to Mumbai’s commitment to cutting-edge infrastructure.

Mumbai Metro Line 3 Stations and Connectivity: Bridging Critical Points

The Aqua Line connects vital areas of Mumbai, including both older and newer central business districts, three major railway terminals (Churchgate, Mumbai Central, and CSMT), and two airport terminals (T1 and T2). Additionally, it links high-speed railway terminal stations at BKC. Positioned as ‘connecting the unconnected,’ this line promises unparalleled connectivity.

Mumbai Metro Aqua Line 3 Stations

This is a 33.5 km underground line with 27 stations (26 of them underground, with the northern terminal Aarey at-grade).

Depot: Aarey Colony

Stations: Cuffe Parade, Vidhan Bhavan, Churchgate, Hutatma Chowk, CSMT, Kalbadevi, Girgaon, Grant Road, Mumbai Central, Mahalaxmi, Science Museum, Acharya Atre Chowk, Worli, Siddhivinayak, Dadar, Shitladevi, Dharavi, Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), Vidyanagri, Santa Cruz, CSIA Terminal 1 (Domestic Airport), Sahar Road, CSIA Terminal 2 (International Airport), Marol Naka, MIDC, SEEPZ and Aarey Colony (only at-grade station).

Mumbai Metro Line 3 Ticket Fare

Line-3’s fare structure, prices and rules have not been announced yet. MMRCL plans to deploy an open loop automatic fare collection (AFC) system. Users will be able to pay using QR codes on their phones, contactless pre-paid and post-paid smart cards.

Mumbai Metro Line 3 Route Map

Mumbai Metro Line 3 Route Map

Mumbai Metro Line 3 Status

Mumbai Metro Line 3 Phase 1 Status

In the journey towards completion, Phase 1 of Mumbai Metro Line 3, stretching from Aarey Colony to Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), is set to conclude in December 2023. Trials are already underway in the Aarey to BKC segment, with public access expected in early 2024. The entire Aqua Line is slated to open its doors to commuters by the end of 2024.

As of now, nine crucial trains, pivotal for the commencement of Phase 1, are in position, with additional train sets scheduled for delivery. Remarkably, 86% of the Aqua Line’s overall work, spanning both phases, has been completed. Phase 1, from Aarey to BKC, boasts a progress rate of 93%, with civil work nearing 98-99% completion. The current focus is on implementing essential systems like ventilation, lifts, escalators, and entry/exit points.

Mumbai Metro Line 3 Phase 2 Status

Phase 2, from BKC to Colaba, faces unique challenges, especially in densely populated areas such as Girgaum, Kalbadevi, Prabhadevi, and Dadar. Innovative approaches, including the time-consuming New Austrian Tunnelling Method (NATM) Technology, have been employed to ensure seamless progress. Despite challenges, the project stands at an impressive 80% completion rate.

Mumbai Metro Line 3 Opening

With over 90% completion and ongoing trials in Phase 1, the eagerly awaited Mumbai Metro Aqua Line 3 is poised to begin operations in early 2024. The entire 33.5 km stretch, connecting Colaba to SEEPZ, is set to be accessible to the public by the end of the same year, marking a monumental leap in Mumbai’s metro infrastructure.


In conclusion, the Mumbai Metro Line 3, particularly the Aqua Line, signifies a paradigm shift in Mumbai’s transportation narrative. As the city hurtles towards a future marked by seamless connectivity, this metro marvel stands as a testament to Mumbai’s commitment to progressive urban development. Commuters can eagerly anticipate a more efficient and interconnected Mumbai with the Aqua Line set to revolutionize their daily commute.

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