Navi Mumbai Metro: Exciting News!! Navi Mumbai’s First Metro Line Rolls into Action Today!

Navi Mumbai Metro

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Navi Mumbai First Metro Line To Start From November 17

Get ready, Navi Mumbaikars! The long-awaited moment has finally arrived – the inauguration of Navi Mumbai’s first Metro line is here, and it’s set to transform the way you travel! Breaking away from tradition, the Metro services kick off without the fanfare of an official program, all in a bid to expedite the commencement for the eager residents of Navi Mumbai. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde announced the exciting news, expressing his heartfelt congratulations to all Navi Mumbaikars who have eagerly awaited this groundbreaking development.

Starting from today, the 11 km-long elevated stretch that connects Belapur and Pendhar will be bustling with the energy of its first commuters. The Maharashtra government, eager to prioritize the convenience of Navi Mumbai’s citizens, instructed the City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) to launch the Navi Mumbai Metro services without delay. The first train departs at 3 pm today, marking the beginning of a new era in Navi Mumbai’s transportation landscape.

Navi Mumbai Metro Timing

From tomorrow onwards, services will run from 6 am to 10 pm, with a quick and efficient 15-minute interval between each service. CIDCO, the driving force behind the project, plans to deploy eight sets of three-coach rakes to ensure smooth operations and a seamless commuting experience for passengers.

Navi Mumbai Metro Ticket Price

Wondering about fares? CIDCO has got you covered, with rates ranging from Rs 10 for distances up to 2 km, gradually increasing to Rs 40 for journeys beyond 10 km. Affordable and accessible, the Metro aims to cater to a diverse range of commuters, making daily travel more convenient and cost-effective.

According to a release by CIDCO, the fares for Navi Mumbai Metro services are Rs 10 for 0 to 2 km distance, Rs 15 for 2 to 4 km, Rs 20 for 4 to 6 km, Rs 25 for 6 to 8 km, Rs 30 for 8 to 10 km and Rs 40 for distances beyond 10 km.

Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1 Map: Belapur to Pendhar

Navi Mumbai Metro Map

Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1 Stations

Navi Mumbai Line 1 Stations

Navi Mumbai Metro Facilities

Anil Diggikar, the vice-chairman and managing director of CIDCO, highlighted the improved connectivity that rapidly developing areas like Kharghar and Taloja will experience with Belapur through the Metro. He emphasized that the efficient public transport system will enhance Navi Mumbai’s standing as an international city.

Step into the future with the Navi Mumbai Metro, featuring state-of-the-art air-conditioned coaches, entry and exit arrangements on both sides of the stations, parking spaces, ramps for disabled passengers, footpaths, areas for auto-rickshaws, continuous power supply, passenger announcement systems, CCTV surveillance, specially designed toilets for disabled persons, and commercial shops in the concourse area.

Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1 Cost

This elevated Metro line, 13 years in the making, faced challenges but has finally come to life. The foundation stone was laid in 2011, and despite obstacles related to contractors and technical issues, the project has been completed at a total cost of Rs 3063 crore.

CIDCO has entrusted Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (Maha Metro) with the responsibility of running services on Line 1 for the next 10 years. In return, CIDCO will contribute Rs 500 crore to Maha Metro for the efficient operation of metro rail services.

What is Metro Neo??

But wait, there’s more! CIDCO has ambitious plans for the future – three additional Metro lines are on the horizon, envisioned as Metro Neo, a cutting-edge trolley bus system with overhead electric traction. 

The proposed lines include,

Navi Mumbai Metro Line 2

It is a 7.12 km stretch connecting MIDC Taloja to Khandeshwar

Navi Mumbai Metro Line 3

It is a 3.87 km stretch connecting Pendhar to MIDC Taloja.

Navi Mumbai Metro Line 4

It is a 4.17 km stretch from Navi Mumbai International Airport to Panvel.

Exciting times lie ahead for Navi Mumbai’s metro journey!

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