Good News For Railway Passengers: Now You Can Transfer Your Train Tickets to Another Person! Know How…

Transfer Train Ticket

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Transfer Train Ticket to Another Person

In a recent development, Indian Railways has introduced a game-changing provision that allows passengers to transfer confirmed train tickets to family members, offering a convenient solution for those facing unforeseen travel changes. This is particularly significant in light of the post-Diwali rush, especially for those heading to UP-Bihar for Chhath Puja. If your travel plans take an unexpected turn and you find yourself unable to embark on your journey despite holding a confirmed ticket, fret not—another family member can step in and utilize the ticket without any financial loss.

The process of transferring a train ticket is straightforward and ensures that your travel investment doesn’t go to waste while providing flexibility for your family members to travel in your stead. To shed light on this practical solution, let’s delve into the details of how this transfer can be seamlessly executed.

Railway Ticket Transfer Eligibility and Criteria

Only Confirmed Tickets Can be Transferred

The first crucial point to note is that this transfer option is only applicable to confirmed tickets. Waiting or RAC tickets, unfortunately, do not fall under this provision. However, for those with confirmed tickets, the process is relatively simple.

 Tickets Can be Transferred Only to a Family Member

Explaining the method of ticket transfer, Railways said that you can transfer the ticket in the name of your family member. To initiate the transfer, the passenger needs to belong to the same family, which includes parents, siblings, husband-wife, and children.

 24 Hours Advance Request for Ticket Transfer

To initiate the transfer, the passenger needs to belong to the same family, which includes parents, siblings, husband-wife, and children. This ensures that the ticket is transferred within the blood relation. Importantly, the passenger must make the transfer request a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

Railway Ticket Transfer: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Print Your Confirmed Ticket: Begin by taking a printout of your confirmed train ticket.

  2. Visit the Reservation Counter: Head to the railway reservation counter in person.

  3. Provide Photo Identity: Present the confirmed ticket along with the photo identity card of the family member in whose name the transfer is sought.

  4. Specify Relationship: Clearly communicate the relationship between you and the family member to the railway authorities.

  5. Submit Documents: Hand over the photo ID and ticket copy of both passengers to the Chief Reservation Supervisor.

  6. Verification Process: The authorities will verify the provided documents and information.

  7. Ticket Transfer: Once the verification is successful, your confirmed ticket will be officially transferred to the nominated family member.

This streamlined process of ‘Transfer Train Ticket’ ensures that passengers facing last-minute changes have a viable option to make use of their confirmed tickets while avoiding any financial loss. The flexibility to transfer tickets to family members within the blood relation enhances the overall convenience for railway passengers.

Transfer Train Ticket to Another Person Online

If you have booked your ticket online, then procedure for ‘Transfer Train Ticket’ remains same.

All you need to do is visit the closest railway reservation office with a printed copy of your e-reservation slip and a valid ID proof of the passenger to whom you would want to transfer the ticket. However, these changes have to be done 24 hours before the scheduled time of train’s departure according to the existing railway rules.

1. The passengers should submit a written request to the nearest train reservation office 24 hours before the appointed time of train departure. The e-ticket can be transferred to family members like mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband/wife. The passenger on whose name the ticket has been issued should carry a printout of e-reservation slip, an original ID card proof and proof of relation with person to whom the ticket has to be transferred.

2. If the passenger is a Government servant going on duty and holds due authority, submits a written request 24 hours before the appointed time of departure of train.

3. All such requests will be approved only once.


In conclusion, this recent development by Indian Railways is a commendable step towards making travel more adaptable and passenger-friendly. The ability to transfer confirmed train tickets not only caters to the dynamic nature of travel plans but also reflects a customer-centric approach by the railway authorities. So, the next time your plans take an unexpected turn, rest assured that there is a solution at hand – the seamless transfer of your train ticket to a family member.

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