Nationwide Bank Strike in December: Banks Will Remain Close on These Days.Read Here..

Nationwide Bank Strike in December

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Nationwide Bank Strike in December 2023

In a significant development, bank employees across India are gearing up for a nationwide bank strike in December scheduled for six days, affecting both government and private banks. The All India Bank Employee Association (AIBEA) has formally announced this series of strikes, emphasizing the urgent need to address a range of issues faced by bank workers.

Bank Strike Which Banks are Closed & Bank Strike Date

The AIBEA has meticulously planned the strike schedule, orchestrating bank-wise strikes from December 4th to December 11th. The State Bank of India (SBI), Punjab National Bank (PNB), and Punjab & Sind Bank employees will kick off the strike on December 4th. The following day, on December 5th, employees of Bank of Baroda and Bank of India will join the protest. Canara Bank and Central Bank of India employees are set to strike on December 7th, while Union Bank of India and Bank of Maharashtra employees will follow suit on December 8th. Private banks will culminate the series by going on strike on December 11th.

All India Bank Employee Association (AIBEA) Demands

The AIBEA has outlined a set of demands in its official notification, underscoring the importance of addressing critical issues affecting bank employees. The association is vehemently calling for an end to the outsourcing of permanent jobs in banks. Additionally, it stresses the need for adequate recruitment of Award Staff within the banking sector. Otherwise it will call a Nationwide Bank Strike in December, notification stated.

Concerns Raised by AIBEA

C. H. Venkatachalam, the General Secretary of AIBEA, has raised concerns about the outsourcing practices adopted by some banks. He contends that outsourcing not only jeopardizes customer privacy and their financial security but also leads to a reduction in recruitment at the lower levels of employment within the banking sector. Venkatachalam has criticized certain banks for violating the Industrial Disputes (Amendment) Act and, in some instances, ignoring the intervention of labor authorities. In cases where authorities have offered advice, the management has allegedly violated the provisions of the Industrial Disputes Act, leading to the forced transfer of employees.

Bank Strike in December 2023: Impact on Banking Services

As the strikes are set to span six days in December, the impact on banking services is expected to be substantial. Customers may face disruptions in various banking activities, ranging from transactions and account services to loan processing. The AIBEA’s decision to stage a series of strikes underscores the urgency of addressing the longstanding issues faced by bank employees, and the association aims to leverage these strikes as a means of drawing attention to their demands.

A Call for Government Action

The AIBEA is urging the government to take immediate action in response to their demands. The association contends that resolving these issues is crucial not only for the well-being of bank employees but also for the overall stability and efficiency of the banking sector. The call to halt outsourcing and ensure adequate recruitment reflects a broader concern for the long-term sustainability and security of jobs within the banking industry.


In conclusion, the impending nationwide bank strike in December is poised to make a substantial impact on banking services, prompting customers and stakeholders to pay attention to the issues faced by bank employees. The AIBEA’s demands reflect a collective effort to secure the rights and job security of bank workers, emphasizing the importance of addressing these concerns for the greater stability of the banking sector in India.

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