Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Update, Travel Time Reduced to 1 hour 58 minutes, Fare, Halts, Stations, Completion Date, Read in Detail..

mumbai ahmedabad bullet train update

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1st Bullet Train Project in India

As anticipation and excitement surround the Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train project, it’s essential to stay updated on the latest developments and key information. In this comprehensive overview, we delve into the project’s details, covering aspects from travel length to safety features, and provide insights into its expected completion date. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train.

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project Overview

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Update Deadline Extension

The initial deadline for the Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train launch was set for December 2023. However, recent announcements from the railway ministry indicate a delay in the project’s completion, extending the timeline to 2026.

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project Fare Structure

For those eagerly awaiting their journey, the Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train ticket prices are set to start at Rs. 3000.

Travel Length

This high-speed rail project, also known as Mumbai Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail (MAHSR), spans a total length of 508 km. The division of this length includes viaducts covering 465 km, bridges accounting for 9.82 km, bank, cut, cut & cover sections totaling 6.75 km, an underground/undersea tunnel stretching 21 km (including 7 km under the sea), and mountain tunnels covering 5.22 km.

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Stations

The Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train project is organized into:

  • 12 Stations: 8 in Gujarat and 4 in Maharashtra
  • 3 Rolling Stock Depots
  • 8 Maintenance Depots
  • Sabarmati Passenger Hub
  • High-Speed Rail (HSR) Training Institute in Vadodara

With depots strategically positioned, including Surat Rail Depot, Sabarmati Rail Depot, and Thane Rail Depot, the project aims for optimal efficiency.

Stations and Depots

Halt Stations The Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train will make stops at:

  • Mumbai (BKC) Station
  • Thane Station
  • Virar Station
  • Boisar Station
  • Vapi Station
  • Bilimora Station
  • Surat Station
  • Bharuch Station
  • Vadodara Station
  • Nadiad/Anand Station
  • Ahmedabad Station
  • Sabarmati Station

HSR Depots

  • Surat Depot
  • Sabarmati Rail Depot
  • Vapi Depot
  • Thane Rail Depot

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Speed

Speed Specifications

The Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train is designed for efficiency, boasting an average speed of 250 km/h, an operational speed of 320 km/h, and a maximum speed of 350 km/h.

Bullet Train Funding

The project comes at an estimated cost of Rs. 110,000 crores, funded by the Government of Japan (Rs. 88,000 crores), the Government of India (Rs. 17,000 crores), and the Maharashtra & Gujarat Governments (Rs. 5,000 crores).

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Passenger Amenities

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Update: NHSRCL Initiatives The National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) has prioritized passenger comfort and safety. Amenities include:

  • Ear Pressure Mitigation: Airtight cabins to counter ear pressure during tunnel passages.
  • Noise Mitigation: Various features such as double-layer aluminum alloy bodies, sound-absorbing covers, and airtight floors to minimize noise.
  • Convenient Interior Design: Three classes—standard, first, and business—with spacious seating, overhead luggage racks, LED lighting, reader lamps, and charging facilities.

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Safety Features

Advanced Systems Safety is paramount, with features such as:

  • Earthquake Detecting System: Crucial for regions like Koyna-Warna, Kutch, and Latur-Osmanabad.
  • Temperature and Wind Monitoring: Sensors to monitor environmental conditions.
  • Advanced Driver Operating System: Equipping drivers with communication tools and display units for accurate decision-making.

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Travel Time and Route

Efficiency in Motion The Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train will operate at a speed of 320 km/h, covering the 508 km distance in approximately 1 hour 58 minutes with limited stops and 2 hours 57 minutes with all station stops. The route includes prominent halts in Mumbai, Vadodara, Surat, and Ahmedabad.

As per the NHSRCL, each day there will be 35 trains in each side. The time gap between the arrival of one to the next bullet train will be 20 minutes during peak hours and 30 minutes for other scenarios.

Route Map

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Route Map

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Update

Milestone Achieved: 100 km of Viaducts Completed

The National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL), recently shared an update on Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet train Project in November this year, saying that 100 km of viaducts and 230 km of pier work was completed for the corridor.

Land Acquisition Status

The Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train project work was only in the progress in Gujarat. This is because the land acquisition works were at a halt in Maharashtra.

However, now the land acquisition process in Maharashtra took a growth and now the current status of the Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train project’s land acquisition is as follows:

The current land acquisition status stands at 98.87% in Gujarat, 98.22% in Maharashtra, and 100% in Nagar Haveli and Dadra.

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Completion Date

The issues regarding the land acquisition for MAHSR in Maharashtra is solved now and the project is expected take a huge growth towards completion.

Amid recent progress in land acquisition in Maharashtra, the completion date for the Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train project is targeted for August 2026.

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