Nagpur Metro News: Nagpur Metro’s ₹6,000 Crore Phase 2 Set to Transform City Connectivity!

Nagpur Metro

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Nagpur Metro

Get ready, Nagpur! The Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (MahaMetro) is gearing up to kick off the thrilling ₹6,000 crore second phase of the Nagpur Metro, and the excitement is palpable. Starting next week, the city is in for a transformation that will redefine its connectivity landscape.

Nagpur Metro Phase 2

Nagpur Metro News

The second phase, scheduled for completion in 2027, consists of four extensions across two corridors, totaling a whopping 43.8 km. An extended metro rail network that stretches from the serene Kanhan river in the north to the bustling Transport Nagar in the east, covering the vibrant locales of Hingna, Butibori, and Pardi along the way. It’s not just a metro expansion; it’s a journey that promises to link satellite cities, benefitting over 10 lakh residents in these areas.

Nagpur Metro Phase 2 Extension

Brace yourselves for the extended charm of:

  1. MIHAN – MIDC ESR – 18.6 km
  2. Automotive Square – Kanhan River – 13.0 km
  3. Prajapati Nagar – Kapsi – 5.5 km
  4. Lokmanya Nagar – Hingna – 6.7 km

Nagpur Metro Phase 2 MapOnce this phase is operational, the Nagpur Metro project will boast an impressive total length of 82 km. The Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (MahaMetro) is all set to roll up its sleeves and begin the ₹6,000 crore second phase next week, with a target to complete the entire stretch by mid-2027.

Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL) has clinched the coveted contract for the second phase, and the excitement doesn’t stop there. The groundbreaking 7km viaduct (elevated path) from the Automotive Square station is the first contract awarded for this phase, marking the commencement of a journey that will redefine Nagpur’s skyline.

The second phase boasts 10 stations from Pili river to Kanhan, with an additional seven stations extending south from the existing Lokmanya Nagar terminus. From Khapri, the route will extend till Butibori along Wardha Road, bringing the total length of the metro to a staggering 82 km.

The Phase II work, set to begin almost a year after the groundbreaking ceremony, follows a funding agreement with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB). This collaboration paves the way for a seamless journey into the future of Nagpur’s metro connectivity.

Nagpur Metro Phase 2 Route Map

Nagpur Metro Phase II Route Map
Pic Courtesy: Maha Metro

Nagpur Metro Phase 1, Route Map, Time Table, Stations, Fare Chart

Reflecting on the success of Phase I, where 75,000 passengers have been enjoying a metro ride each day on average in the last three months, the anticipation for Phase II is building. The first phase, initiated in 2015, is on track to be fully operational by April next year, with the last station, Indora, completing the loop.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially inaugurated both lines under the first phase in December 2022, setting the stage for the second phase’s foundation. The first phase, with an expenditure of ₹8,000 crore, showcased the city’s commitment to modern, efficient public transportation.

The Nagpur Metro Rail Project, with its 38.215 km metro corridor, 38 stations, and 2 depots, is poised to revolutionize the city’s transport landscape. Divided into two alignments – the North-South Corridor and the East-West Corridor – this project is not just about connecting places; it’s about connecting people, dreams, and a promising future for Nagpur.

Nagpur Metro Phase 1 Route Map

Nagpur Metro Phase I Route Map

Nagpur Metro Phase 1 Fare Chart

Tickets of Nagpur Metro varies from Rs 10 to Rs 41.

You can see complete Fare Chart of Nagpur Metro on the link. Fare Chart

Nagpur Metro Phase 1 Time Table

Complete time table of Nagpur Metro phase 1 can be downloaded from the link below:

  1. North – South Corridor with total length of 19.658 km, comprised of 18 stations starting from Automotive Square station to Khapri. Time Table
  2. East – West Corridor with total length of 18.557 km, comprised of 20 stations starting from Prajapati Nagar station to Lokmanya Nagar. Time Table

So, buckle up, Nagpur! The Nagpur Metro’s Phase II is not just a metro expansion; it’s a journey into the future, and the countdown to an even more connected, vibrant city has officially begun. Get ready to ride the excitement!

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