JAXAs SLIM Moon Lander: Japan’s Moon Landing Triumph Marred by Solar Power Glitch!

Japan has successfully landed a robot on the Moon, marking a significant achievement, but a solar power system glitch jeopardizes the mission’s longevity.

Striking the Lunar Surface: Japan’s SLIM Joins Elite Ranks

JAXAs SLIM Moon Lander: In a groundbreaking feat, the Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (Slim) gently touched down near an equatorial crater, making Japan the fifth country in the world, after the US, the Soviet Union, China, and India, to soft-land on the Moon.

JAXAs SLIM Moon Launcher

Mission in Peril: Issue In Landing on Moon’s Surface

Despite the successful landing, engineers are grappling with a critical issue—the craft’s solar cells are failing to generate electricity. This places SLIM entirely at the mercy of its batteries, with a limited lifespan. Efforts are underway to troubleshoot and save the mission.

JAXAs SLIM Moon Lander: Potential for Slim’s Resurgence

JAXAs SLIM Moon Lander: While Slim faces potential silence as its batteries discharge, there is a glimmer of hope. Engineers are exploring whether the solar cells may reorient themselves to the Sun as light angles change on the Moon, potentially reviving the mission.


SLIM, equipped with advanced precision-navigation technologies, successfully ejected two small rovers before touchdown. Engineers are retrieving critical data to assess the performance of Slim’s landing software, with early indications suggesting a pinpoint landing with 100m accuracy.

Statistical Challenges of Moon Landings: Slim’s Bold Approach

Landing on the Moon remains a formidable challenge, with only about half of all attempts proving successful. SLIM, employing cutting-edge navigation technologies, aimed for precision within 100m, showcasing the prowess of Japan’s space exploration capabilities.

SLIM Moon Lander

Future Implications: Japan’s Role in Lunar Exploration

Japan’s space agency (Jaxa) has not only twice landed robots on asteroids but is also set to play a significant role in NASA’s Artemis program, contributing to humanity’s return to the lunar surface after more than half a century.

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Global Recognition: Commending Japan’s Precision Landing

International experts, including Dr. Simeon Barber from the UK’s Open University and Dr. Emma Gatti from SpaceWatch Global, commend Japan’s historic achievement in precision landing, emphasizing its importance for the global community engaged in lunar exploration.

Note: The success of Slim’s mission will unfold as engineers work to address the solar power glitch, potentially paving the way for further lunar exploration endeavors.

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