Mumbai Local News: Railway Mega block on Sunday 12th November 2023

Mega block on sunday

Mega Block

For decades, the suburban train network in Mumbai has been hailed as the lifeline of the city. It’s been the preferred mode of transportation for Mumbaikars. However, there’s a particular time when train travel is put on hold, from 1 am to 4 am. During this period, essential railway repair and maintenance work is carried out, including track repairs, signal updates, and other technical adjustments. But the standard timemframe isn’t always sufficient to complete these tasks.

To address this challenge, railway employees and officials have implemented a solution – ‘mega block on Sundays’. These mega blocks are vital for maintaining the local train network.

Mega Block On Sunday 12th November 2023


Central Line has announced Mega Block on Sunday between CSTM to Vidyavihar Up and Dn Slow Lines.

Time: 10:55 AM to 3:55 PM

During this block period local services between CSTM to Vidyavihar Up and Dn slow line will be operated through fast track.


Harbour Line has announced Mega Block on Sunday between CSTM to Chunabhatti / Bandra

Time: 11:10 AM to 4:40 PM

During this block period, local services on harbour line between following routes remain cancelled:

1. CSMT to Chunabhatti / Bandra Up and Dn

2. CSMT to Vashi / Panvel/ Belapur Up and Dn

3. CSMT to Goregaon / Bandra


No Block


No Block


No Block during day time on 12.11.2023

Night Block on Western Railway

Western Railway has announced Mega Block on Sunday i.e. 12.11.2023 during night hours for carrying out maintenance work of tracks, overhead and signalling equipment. A Jumbo block of four hours will be taken between Churchgate to Mumbai Central Station from 00:15 hours to 04:15 hours.

During this block, all fast line local trains will be operated on slow line between Churchgate and Mumbai Central. Some suburban trains will remain cancelled during this block.


Churchgate to Mumbai Central

Time: 00:15 AM to 04:15 AM

Western Railway 6th Line Project

The Western Railway (WR) marked a significant milestone on Monday, successfully wrapping up phase one of the sixth line project. The next step involves extending this line up to Borivali. This expansion aims to address the crucial issue of keeping long-distance trains separate from the fast lines of the suburban rail, ensuring smoother operations.

Sources reveal that WR has set its sights on completing the entire Goregaon-Borivali project by mid-2024, with the extension to Borivali being a vital component. This strategic move aligns with an internal deadline, pushing for the completion of the sixth line extension by March or, at the latest, June 2024.

The importance of extending the sixth line becomes evident in optimizing the suburban rail network. By creating a dedicated track for long-distance trains on the Santacruz-Borivali route, the Western Railway aims to enhance efficiency and streamline commuter and long-distance services. Stay tuned as this ambitious project unfolds, promising improved connectivity and operational effectiveness in the Mumbai railway network.

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