Vande Bharat Express Update: Shirdi CSMT Vande Bharat Express Experiences Significant Drop in Occupancy!

Shirdi CSMT Vande Bharat Express

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Vande Bharat Express

Vande Bharat Express is truly modern types of trains that are owned by India. The passengers have the option to book CC (Chair Car) or ECC (Executive Chair Car). It offers airline-style seating arrangements with rotatable seats for comfort and convenience. With on-board catering, it has facility to deliver nourishment throughout the journey. All coached with large windows allows passengers to enjoy scenic beauty while traveling. For entertainment & infotainment purpose free onboard Wi-Fi is provided along with electric outlets and reading lights for those who prefer to read or work.

Vande Bharat Express Update: Train no. 22223/22224 Shirdi-CSMT Route

Shirdi CSMT Vande Bharat Express: The decline in occupancy on the Shirdi-CSMT Vande Bharat route has become a focal point of concern, particularly as the route traditionally maintains an impressive over 90 per cent occupancy. According to the Central Railway Public Relations Office, recent statistics reveal a noteworthy decrease, with the occupancy rate plummeting to 65 per cent over the last 15 days.

Train no. 22223/22224 Shirdi CSMT Vande Bharat Express Experiences Significant Drop in Occupancy

Vande Bharat Express Update: This update sheds light on the surprising dip in the Train no. 22223 / 22224 Shirdi CSMT Vande Bharat Express occupancy, a route that has historically boasted high numbers. The recent drop to 65 per cent, in contrast to the usual over 90 per cent, is an unexpected turn of events.

CR officials are attributing this decline to the Diwali festival, suggesting that travelers may have chosen to reconnect with their roots, impacting the ridership to pilgrimage destinations such as Shirdi. Notably, the decline is more pronounced on the journey from Shirdi to CSMT, indicating that passengers might be diversifying their travel destinations post their pilgrimage visit to Shirdi.

Diwali Impact and Passenger Behavior Analysis

Delving deeper into the situation, it becomes evident that the Diwali festival has played a pivotal role in altering travel patterns. The hypothesis that individuals may have preferred visiting their hometowns and ancestral places during this festive season aligns with the observed decline in Shirdi-CSMT Vande Bharat’s occupancy.

The impact is not uniform across all Vande Bharat routes, as revealed by the Central Railway’s operations on Solapur, Goa Madgaon, Indore, Nagpur, and Bilaspur routes. During the same 15-day period, these routes maintained comparatively higher occupancy rates than the Shirdi-CSMT route, indicating a regional variance in travel preferences.

CSMT Shirdi Vande Bharat Express: Regional Disparities in Occupancy Rates

Highlighting the broader perspective, the Vande Bharat Express continues to be a preferred mode of travel for a substantial number of passengers, with a total of 68,736 individuals choosing this modern train service across various routes. Interestingly, the disparity in occupancy rates suggests that regional factors, such as festivals and local attractions, significantly influence travel choices.


In conclusion, while the Shirdi CSMT Vande Bharat Express route faces a temporary decline, the overall success and popularity of the Vande Bharat Express remain intact. The railway authorities are actively monitoring and adapting to changing passenger behaviors, ensuring that this modern and efficient train service continues to connect diverse destinations across the country.

You can book tickets of Vande Bharat Express on the official web site of IRCTC.

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