Visa Free Entry to Indian Citizens From Dec 1: Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand and Now Malaysia!!

visa free entry to Indian citizens

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Visa Free Entry to Indian Citizens

Visa Free Entry to Indian Citizens: Malaysia is set to make a significant stride in international relations as it opens its doors wider to global travelers. Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim recently announced a groundbreaking decision that will reshape the country’s tourism landscape. Effective from December 1, Malaysia is allowing visa free entry for Indian citizens and Chinese citizens, marking a pivotal moment in the nation’s approach to welcoming visitors.

Visa Free Entry to Indians in Malaysia: Official Announcement

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim declared the elimination of entry visa requirements for citizens of India and China during a speech at the People’s Justice Party’s annual congress. The new policy permits Indian and Chinese nationals to enjoy a visa-free stay for up to 30 days. However, it’s important to note that the issuance of visas will be subject to security screening.

Malaysia Visa Free Entry: Key Details and Economic Implications

This progressive move positions Malaysia as the fourth country, following Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Thailand, to embrace visa-free entry. The strategic decision aims to boost tourist arrivals, subsequently fostering economic growth. Anwar Ibrahim, foreseeing the potential benefits, had previously revealed plans to enhance visa facilities, particularly targeting tourists and investors from India and China.

The decision to allow visa free entry to Indian citizens aligns with Malaysia’s pursuit of a strategic economic boost through tourism. By making it easier for Indian and Chinese citizens to visit, Malaysia aims to capitalize on the economic benefits associated with increased tourist numbers. China and India, being Malaysia’s fourth and fifth-largest source markets respectively, are expected to contribute significantly to the nation’s economic growth.

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Regional Trends in Visa Policies: Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam

Malaysia’s move follows a broader trend in the region, with neighboring countries like Thailand also implementing similar measures to stimulate their economies. Thailand, for instance, has granted visa-free entry to tourists from India and Taiwan for a period of six months, showcasing the regional commitment to attracting global travelers.

Before Thailand, Sri Lanka also approved a proposal to grant free visas to travellers from seven countries for a period of five months till March 31, 2024. These countries are India, China, Russia, Malaysia, Japan and Indonesia. The move is aimed at attracting more tourists to the island nation.

Vietnam, too, has expressed the need for short-term visa waivers for major markets like China and India to aid the recovery of its tourism sector. This highlights a collective effort in Southeast Asia to leverage visa policies as a tool for economic rejuvenation.

Malaysia in the Global Context: China’s Move

China’s recent announcement to allow citizens of six countries, including Malaysia, to enter the country without a visa further solidifies the global impact of Malaysia’s decision. The move takes effect from December 1 and will last until November 30 of next year, and will allow leisure, business and family travelers from those nations to stay in China for up to 15 days visa-free.

The reciprocal nature of such policies fosters stronger diplomatic ties and encourages bilateral tourism, creating a win-win situation for participating nations.


Malaysia’s decision to allow visa-free entry for Indian citizens is a transformative step that positions the country as a frontrunner in the global tourism landscape. By aligning with regional trends and adopting a strategic economic approach, Malaysia opens its doors to a wave of opportunities. As the nation welcomes Indian and Chinese visitors with open arms, the stage is set for increased tourism, economic growth, and strengthened international relations. Travelers from these nations can now explore the beauty and diversity of Malaysia without the hurdle of visa formalities, marking a new era in cross-cultural exchanges.

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