Google Map New Features 2023: Fuel Saving, Offline Timeline and Location History, Read in Detail..

google map new features 2023

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Google Map Introduces New Fuel Saving Feature

Google Map New Features 2023: Google Maps, the widely trusted navigation app, has rolled out a fuel-saving feature in India. Originally launched in the US, Canada, and Europe, this feature is now accessible to Indian users. Let’s dive into the details of this innovative addition that aims to make your journey not only faster but also more fuel-efficient.

Fuel-Efficient Routing

For those relying on Google Maps to get around, a new ‘fuel-saving’ feature has been added to optimize routes based on fuel or energy efficiency. Initially confined to a few regions, this feature is now expanding its footprint in India. The application considers real-time traffic updates and current road conditions to estimate fuel or energy efficiency for different routes.

How to Activate the Fuel Saving Feature in Google Map?

Enabling this feature is a straightforward process. Users can activate it by selecting ‘Prefer fuel-efficient routes’ in the settings. It’s crucial to specify the correct engine type of your vehicle for accurate efficiency estimates.

Engine Type Selection in Google Map App

Choosing the right engine type is vital, as different vehicles perform optimally in varied terrains. Diesel vehicles might excel on highways, while hybrid and electric vehicles shine in city environments. The selection process ensures that the app tailors its suggestions based on the capabilities of your vehicle.

Considerations and Defaults

If users don’t specify their engine type, the default is set to petrol, given its prevalence. However, for electric vehicle (EV) drivers, it’s important to note that energy-efficient routes do not account for charging stops.

User-Friendly Interface

The user interface is designed to be intuitive. From selecting the engine type to confirming your choice, Google Maps guides users through the process seamlessly.

Google Map New Features 2023: Offline Timeline and Location History

On-Device Location History

Google Maps is introducing new features beyond navigation. Users will soon be able to see and manage their recent activity at specific locations. This includes the ability to delete location history, directions, searches, and visits, providing users with more control over their data.

Offline Timeline Storage in Google Map

For those who enable Location History, the ‘Timeline’ will now be stored on the device itself, with an option to back it up to the cloud. Google has also adjusted the default duration for storing Location History, starting with the last 90 days.

Google Map Blue Dot Updates

The familiar blue dot indicating the user’s location is getting an upgrade. Clicking on it reveals whether Location History or Timeline is active and whether Google Maps can access your location.

Gradual Rollout

These updates will be gradually rolled out to Android and iOS users throughout 2024. Users will receive notifications about the availability of these features, ensuring everyone has the chance to benefit from the latest enhancements.


With Google Map New Features 2023, Google Maps continues to evolve, not only making navigation more efficient but also giving users more control over their location data. Whether you’re looking for the most fuel-efficient route or managing your location history, Google Maps aims to enhance your overall experience. Stay tuned for these updates and make your journeys more streamlined and eco-friendly.

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