Low Pressure Belt in the Arabian Sea: Rainy Surprises in Konkan and Western Maharashtra!

Low Pressure Belt in the Arabian Sea

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Rain Surprises in Konkan and Western Maharashtra

The Arabian Sea, a vast expanse of water that embraces the western coast of India, is once again making headlines with its weather patterns. Despite the waning monsoon, a low pressure belt in the Arabian Sea area has emerged, and this has significant implications for the weather in the Konkan and Western Maharashtra regions. In this article, we will explore how this low-pressure belt in the Arabian Sea is influencing the weather, bringing unexpected rain to these regions in early November.

The Low Pressure Belt in the Arabian Sea Return

As the monsoon season has begun to wind down, nature has thrown a curveball with the reemergence of a low-pressure area in the Arabian Sea. This unexpected weather phenomenon has captured the attention of the Meteorological Department, prompting them to make predictions for the upcoming week.

Forecast for Konkan and Madhya Maharashtra

Thanks to the presence of this low-pressure system, the Meteorological Department has foreseen light rain in the Konkan and Madhya Maharashtra regions for the next six to seven days. As for the rest of the state, cloudy skies are expected for a few days. This change in weather patterns means that the first half of November is likely to be less cold than usual.

You can see IMD’s Regional Daily Weather Report for 07th November here.

A Cyclical Wind Condition

The formation of a low pressure belt in the Arabian Sea has led to a cyclical wind condition. This unique weather pattern has not only influenced Maharashtra but also increased rainfall in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. At present, a cyclonic system has developed in the lower and middle parts of the Kerala coast and in the southeast Arabian Sea. The Meteorological Department anticipates that this system will gradually move towards the West-Northwest direction and progress into the Southeast and adjoining East Central Arabian Sea.

While the full extent of the impact of this emerging system remains uncertain, initial meteorological activities are already affecting India’s western coast, with Maharashtra experiencing notable changes in weather patterns.

IMD’s Rain Predictions

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has made an unusual move by issuing predictions for isolated to scattered rainfall of light to moderate intensity over Konkan-Goa and Madhya Maharashtra. This rainy spell is expected to extend from Tuesday to Saturday, covering the dates from November 7 to 11. In addition, the IMD’s Mumbai-based Regional Met Centre has issued district-level yellow watches for Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Satara, Sangli, and Kolhapur for the next three days, from November 7 to 9. This advisory encourages residents to stay aware of the local weather situation.

Unpredictable Nature of Weather

It’s crucial to remember that weather forecasts are constantly evolving and subject to the whims of nature. Predictions and advisories can change as the meteorological situation unfolds. While unexpected November showers might not be the norm for Maharashtra, the region occasionally experiences surprising rainfall during this time of year, particularly when meteorological activity is brewing in the Arabian Sea.

Post-Monsoon Cyclone Season

One of the reasons behind these unexpected weather patterns is the unique climate of the North Indian Ocean. This region has a history of generating tropical cyclones from October to December, which is also known as the post-monsoon cyclone season. It’s not entirely unusual for the Arabian Sea to produce unpredictable weather events during this period.


The low pressure belt in the Arabian Sea has once again reshaped the weather patterns in Konkan and Western Maharashtra. Despite the receding monsoon, this meteorological phenomenon has brought unexpected rain to the region, leading to important weather advisories. As we continue to learn more about the evolving situation, it’s essential to stay informed and prepared for the ever-changing nature of weather, especially in a region as diverse and dynamic as India’s western coast.

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