MHADA to Redevelop Police Colonies in Mumbai, 17 Colonies to be Revamped Soon!

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MHADA to Redevelop Police Colonies in Mumbai

17 Police Colonies to be Revamped by MHADA

MHADA to Redevelop Police Colonies in Mumbai: The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) has embarked on a significant initiative to revamp 17 police colonies in Mumbai. The move comes in response to long-standing concerns about the deteriorating condition of service quarters for constables, head constables, and other lower-ranking police personnel in the city.

Concerns over Dilapidated Police Colonies in Mumbai

For years, the poor state of 27 police colonies in Mumbai has been a cause for concern. In particular, the living conditions in service quarters for lower-ranking police officers have raised alarms. While high-ranking officers enjoy well-maintained quarters, the buildings in these colonies, developed by MHADA, have fallen into disrepair.

Initiating Redevelopment of 17 Police Colonies

MHADA to Redevelop Police Colonies in Mumbai: Responding to these concerns, MHADA has initiated the redevelopment of 17 police colonies in the city. The decision follows discussions between the housing and state home departments and addresses the urgent need for improved living conditions for police personnel. The process involves appointing a project management consultant for the redevelopment project.

Benefits for Police Personnel

Upon completion of the redevelopment, police personnel are set to benefit significantly. A total of 4,725 flats will be provided to them, featuring an enhanced carpet area compared to their current accommodations. This move aims to address the substandard conditions faced by constables, head constables, and other low-ranking police officers.

Chief Minister’s Intervention

Earlier this year, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde took note of the issue and held a meeting with Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis. Subsequently, MHADA was directed to submit a report on potential solutions. The housing authority submitted its report six months ago, presenting various options for redevelopment.

MHADA’s Primary Plan

MHADA’s primary plan involves relocating service quarters from 17 colonies to 7 colonies. The vacant space will be repurposed for public housing. The existing service quarters, which are around 180 sqft or 225 sqft in size, will be replaced by 4,225 flats for low-ranking personnel (484 sqft) and 500 apartments for police officers (646 sqft). Importantly, all these accommodations will be provided to the police department free of cost.

In recent months, the state government has actively encouraged MHADA to undertake the redevelopment of old buildings in Mumbai, extending to cess buildings in the island city. This move aligns with the broader effort to address housing issues and enhance living conditions in the city.

List of Police Colonies in Mumbai Under Redevelopment by MHADA

MHADA is in the process of redeveloping 17 police colonies across Mumbai. Some of the major colonies include Mahim West (1344 tenements), Andheri East (1092 tenements), Chandivali, Powai (585 tenements), Nehru Nagar, Kurla (580 tenements), and others. The redevelopment plan aims to transform these colonies into better, more habitable spaces.


MHADA’s proactive step to redevelop police colonies in Mumbai reflects a commitment to improving the living conditions of police personnel. With a clear plan in place and the support of the state government, this initiative aims to create a positive impact on the quality of life for constables, head constables, and other low-ranking police officers. As this redevelopment project progresses, it aligns with broader efforts to address housing challenges and create more livable spaces in the city.

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