Revival of Hubballi KSR Bengaluru Superfast Express From 30 November: Responding to Passenger Demand

Revival of Hubballi KSR Bengaluru Superfast Express

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Restoration Announcement by SWR

Revival of Hubballi KSR Bengaluru Superfast Express: In a significant development, the South Western Railway (SWR) has decided to reinstate the dedicated overnight train between Bengaluru and Hubballi, known as Train No. 07339/07340 SSS Hubballi-KSR Bengaluru-SSS Hubballi Superfast Express. The train service, which was temporarily canceled, will resume operations from November 30 onwards. This decision comes in response to persistent demand from passengers who relied on this vital connection between the two major cities.

Initial Cancellation and Controversy

Initially launched in March 2023 as a “train on demand” with special fares, the Superfast Express became the sole dedicated overnight train linking Bengaluru and Hubballi. However, on November 20, SWR canceled train numbers 07340/07339, citing “poor occupancy.” This unexpected move sparked controversy and criticism, especially from frequent commuters who attested to the train’s consistent ridership.

Conflicting Reasons for Cancellation

The cancellation announcement initially cited a revision in the train’s composition, reducing sleeper-class coaches from 11 to 8. However, just two days later, the decision to cancel the service entirely due to “poor occupancy” raised eyebrows and fueled passenger frustration. Commuters pointed out inconsistencies in the reasons provided by railway authorities, including a tweet from the divisional railway manager attributing the cancellation to ‘RUB work at Hosdurga Road.’

Outrage and Public Reaction

Passengers, caught off guard by the sudden cancellation, expressed skepticism about the official explanation. Social media platforms became a hub for outrage as users shared evidence of the consistently overcrowded train, contradicting the notion of “poor occupancy.” The inconvenience caused by the cancellation added to the public’s frustration, prompting a swift response from SWR.

Revival of Hubballi KSR Bengaluru Superfast Express

Acknowledging the widespread demand and recognizing the importance of the Hubballi KSR Bengaluru Superfast Express, SWR has decided to revive the service from November 30. The train will operate until February 29, 2024, from Hubballi to Bengaluru, and until March 1, 2024, in the reverse direction. The decision to restore the train aligns with the needs and expectations of passengers who heavily rely on this crucial overnight connection.

Composition and Schedule of Bengaluru Hubballi Train

Train no. 07339 / 07340 Hubballi – KSR Bengaluru – Hubballi Superfast Express Coach Composition: Out of a total of 19 coaches, the reinstated train will comprise 1 AC Two Tier Coach, 1 AC Three Tier Coach, 11 Second Class Sleeper Coaches, 4 General Coaches, and 2 Second Class Luggage cum Brake Vans/Divyangjan Coaches. The train will run with its existing timings, stoppages, and fare structure, maintaining consistency for the convenience of passengers.

Timings of Train no. 07339 / 07340 Hubballi – KSR Bengaluru – Hubballi Superfast Express

Train no. 07339 – UBL SBC SPL

Originate its journey from SSS Hubballi Junction at 23:15 hrs and reach destination KSR Bengaluru City Junction on next day at 06:50 hrs in the morning.

Train no. 07340 – SBC UBL SPL

Originate its journey from KSR Bengaluru City Junction at 23:55 hrs and reach destination SSS Hubballi Junction on next day at 07:30 hrs in the morning.

Bengaluru Hubballi Superfast Express Stoppages

Train no. 07339 / 07340 Hubballi – KSR Bengaluru – Hubballi Superfast Express halts at Davangere – DVG, Birur Jn – RRB, Arsikere Jn – ASK, Tumakuru – TK, Yesvantpur Jn – YPR, KSR Bengaluru City Jn – SBC.

Bengaluru Hubballi Superfast Express Ticket Fare

Train no. 07339 / 07340 Hubballi – KSR Bengaluru – Hubballi Superfast Express ticket price ranging from Rs. 400 from Sleeper Class,  Rs. 1065 for 3 tier AC, Rs. 1435 for 2 tier AC.

You can book ticket from official website of IRCTC; IRCTC Ticket Booking


The revival of the Hubballi KSR Bengaluru Superfast Express stands as a testament to the power of passenger demand. SWR’s responsiveness to the needs of commuters emphasizes the significance of efficient and reliable train services in facilitating seamless connectivity between major cities. As the train resumes its operations, it not only addresses the immediate concerns of travelers but also underscores the importance of effective communication and transparency in railway operations.

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